The stuff here is a little incomplete as it's missing the context which was usually a phone call or email conversation. Still it might be of use to someone. Dan wrote a nice article in the Black Powder Cartridge News in the Winter 2008 edition. It is an excellent article for anyone interested in this stuff.

Dan's .45-70 reamer print

Dan's .45-90 reamer print

Some .45-90 testing results Dan sent me.

Load data Dan sent me for the .45-70.


Load data Dan sent me for his 15 lb 1:16 twist .45-100 paper patch rifle.

I do not know who owns this rifle today, but in Dan was very happy with it. We spoke about at the end of May in 2014. Here are his words about the rifle including his latest load data for whomever has it now:

Chris, My 45-100 weighs a bit less than 15 lbs. It is a Shiloh 74 with 16-twist, 32" barrel at 1.20" diameter, no taper. Based on my long-range PP efforts, the 45-100, loaded with 100g of Swiss Fg launching a 540 gr, 16-1, bore-diameter, PP Money Bullet is about as good as it can get. MV is about 1,360 fps. The load is very comfortable to shoot out of a 15 lb Shiloh. Shiloh made the 16-twist barrel. Accuracy is well under MOA if the nut-behind-the-butt does his job. All the best, Dan


This document is something Dan sent me after a phone conversation mostly about coffee beans. It started after an email conversation about the effect of grease grooves on bullet stability and the his thoughts on the relative stability of grease groove vs. paper patched bullets:



Here is the last 12 shot 200m prone target I shot with the .45-90 before my miserable performance in Phoenix when I completely failed to manage bore fouling. Discounting the two pulled shots, the rifle held 2.1" of vertical which is less than a minute tall at that distance.

Here is the first group shot at 500m, out of my CSA 1874 chambered with Dan's .45-70 reamer. There are actually ten shots in the group but they are outside the frame as I was not correctling for wind. I wanted to see how the bullets were affected by the fishtail. All ten shots landed into 1.28 minutes of vertical.

An original Winchester 1885 chambered with Dan's .45-70 reamer. Here a group shot at 200m. This is the first load I shot through this rifle and the second target ever shot with this rifle. The first target was used to get an elevation setting. Dan's reamer design works very well.