Heffley Creek Black Powder Silhouette and Gong Shoot 2015

Heffley Creek 2015 Match Flyer in PDF format

The score sheets. Click on the pictures to get the full size version.

I've added my loads and sight settings. Not that I'm any sort of expert but maybe this information will help the next new guy get started.

Silhouette rifle - Shiloh Sharps #3, .40-65, 30" heavy weight barrel.

This load shoots a little flatter at the turkeys and rams than the Seaco #740 load I used last year. It also required a cartridge seater.

Load - Remington brass, Fed LP Match primer, 60.6gr OE 1.5, 0.060" LDPE wad, 400gr Kidwell Money bullet, unsized, 16:1, pan lubed SPG, zero neck tension, 3.205" OAL

Sight settings