Heffley Creek Black Powder Silhouette and Gong Shoot 2014

The gang at Heffley Creek.

Unknown chicken shooter.

The weather was excellent and the camping spots couldn't be any nicer.

The score sheet. Click on the picture to get the full size version.

I've added my loads and sight settings. Not that I'm any sort of expert but maybe this information will help the next new guy get started.

Silhouette rifle - Shiloh Sharps #3, .40-65, 30" heavy weight barrel.

Load - Remington brass, Rem large pistol primer, 58gr Goex FFFg Express, 0.060" LDPE wad, Saeco #740 bullet, unsized, 18.2:1, pan lubed SPG, zero neck tension, 2.775" OAL

Sight settings (spring)

Sight settings (at match)

Long range gong rifle - C. Sharps .45-110, 32" heavy barrel.

Load - Norma brass, WLR primer, 105gr Goex Fg, 0.060" veg king + 0.125" lube cookie + 0.030" veg king wad, 540gr BACO Money bullet .444", 16:1, wet patched to .451" with 9lb paper from Buffalo Arms. Seated 0.115" into case.

Sight settings (new MVA soule sight)

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