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Heffley Creek Black Powder Silhouette and Gong Shoot 2013

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A morning picture of the beautiful range at Heffley Creek. This was taken on the day before the match started. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Here is a picture from the firing line, taken before the silhouettes have been set on the rails. The range slopes slightly downhill to the chickens and increasingly upward to the rams and long distance gongs.

The gong shoot started at the 500m square plate at the left end of the ram line. This target was shot offhand. Beyond that are the 600m, 700m, and 800m gongs which were shot seated using cross sticks. Click on the image to enlarge it.

The photos below were taken on the final day of the shoot in the hot Kamloops sun. Notice the slack wind flags? That didn't last very long.

I've added my loads and sight settings. Not that I'm any sort of expert but maybe this information will help the next new guy get started.

Silhouette rifle - Shiloh Sharps Long Range Express, .45-70, 34" std weight barrel.

Load - Starline brass, CCI BR2 primer, 69gr Goex FFg Express, 0.030" veg king + 0.060" LDPE wads, BACO Money bullet .459", 20:1, pan lubed SPG, zero neck tension

Measured velocity 1150fps

Sight settings

Long range gong rifle - C. Sharps .45-110, 32" heavy barrel.

Load - Norma brass, WLR primer, 105gr Goex Fg, 0.060" veg king + 0.125" lube cookie + 0.030" veg king wad, BACO Money bullet .444", 20:1, wet patched to .451" with 9lb paper. Seated 1/8" into case.

Measured velocity 1350fps

Sight settings

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